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"Without knowledge action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile." ~ Abu Bakr

O.o, have I been there, seen and done it... 

I know how it can be tough to keep a commitment to Self, or see it through, to full fruition. 

On too many occasions of my own journey, I struggled to do what needed to be done for myself, timeously - out of lack of courage, or analysis turned into paralysis…or plain denial. 

We start the year, a month, a week full of good intentions having decided that something needs to change, that something needs to be done for our wellbeing, just to find that at the first tug of our achilles heel, we waver, and off we go...we postpone our commitment to Self to the next day, next week, next month...
Before we know it, years have gone by...

It was in one of those in-limbo stages that Abu Bakr's quote crossed my path and hit me straight in between the eyes.

It's true what they say - the hardest step is taking the first step. 

It still took me some 3 years to turn my life around... for the better... with some coaching…prodding and coaxing...
I had been postponing, waiting for the right moment, only to realize that the "right moment" had passed long ago…
Ironically, once I started putting things in motion, things began to shift and gain momentum and a life of their own, and I started to reap the benefits.
Looking back at it all now it was the best Self-discovery and transformation journey I have been on, regardless of the darkest moments.  
It's a process and there are no quick fixes.

Just like the lotus flower has its roots and grows out of the mud... slowly makes its way upward through the darkness... looking for the light… when it finally breaks through the surface of the water, wow, what a sight!
Almost all deeply significant life transformations are like this.

Now on a new, better life direction I ask myself in retrospect - why did it take me so long?  
Answer: I ignored the signs, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, need of some support. 

During my deep in the mud moments, I had to dig deep to find why I kept sabotaging myself, how come I was so quick to falter, why did I always put myself on the back burner while I attended to every thing and every one else…
It took the help of a Coach to get me to my answers, stick to my commitment, go through what I needed, to reach and break through the surface of my interior world and then begin to heal it.

Today this is what I predominantly do with people who ask me for some assistance. 

To those who may still wonder why you may be stuck -  sometimes life gets in our way, sometimes our emotions clog our clarity of vision, sometimes other people stall us and get in the way, sometimes other "priorities" get in the way… Sometimes inaction accumulates over time and then it all seems insurmountable.

Our inner voice speaks to us softly. Too often we ignore it.  We fail ourselves out of lack of energy, self discipline and/or Self love. We keep avoiding because we know going down that road we are inevitably going to have to face things we rather not deal with so we choose ostrich head under the sand syndrome.

Secretly we hope all will miraculously clear or come together, but fact is, it doesn't get better, it gets worse, until we face and do what needs to be done. 

Often this behavior trait is typical of the "givers" in this world.

A trait that applies particularly to (Wo)men. It's part of our DNA and education to be the care givers, which only too often results in us putting ourselves second or on standby.

Result: We forget to take care of ourselves, to the detriment in the long run of those we so want to care for.

The caregivers give-give-give, and before we know it, we have nothing left of ourselves to give; nothing left to give to ourselves.

I had to learn to apply the Life saving lesson the flight attendants announce to passengers before each flight takes off.

Remember the instruction that should the oxygen masks drop, adults need first to put their oxygen masks on themselves, before they do their children's or dependents...
Spot on - you have to ensure you can save yourself first, before you can save someone else. 

So my role as your health coach is to help put you back on track on this, to take care of yourself too, so ultimately, as a care giver you can take better care of others.

Health care is Self care. It's not selfish.  "You can't serve from an empty vessel".

Don't delay any further, your health and wellbeing is your most valuable asset and the most important investment you can ever make.
For the benefit of all in your world.
Contact me. 

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